About US
Falada Consulting is dedicated to finding ways to examine businesses needs to reduce waste and maximize profitability.  We are a multinational, multilingual, family consulting group.  We have worked on construction projects and government regulation programs across the United States as well as numerous construction projects in mainland China. We have over 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing, construction, and business program management specializing in program management, and operational process improvement facilitation, and implementation practices.

01. Strategic

We utilize industry standards to analyze and report business metrics that will empower the stakeholders to make informed decisions.  We can present findings to large or small focus groups and facilitate meetings to orchestrate institutional changes.

02. Professional

Your time is valuable, and we strive to bring added value to the companies that we choose to engage with.  Since we are a small consulting group we have the option of choosing clients we want to work with when we feel there is a similar world view.

03. Loyal

Large and small projects can have long lasting impact on a company.  We can arrange short- and long-term contracts to fit your needs. We will align our goals with yours and work with you bring your project to a productive completion in a timely manner while maintaining confidentiality and ensuring a positive outcome.


A Team Of Professionals


Principle Consultant

Steven has over 15 years experience with LEAN strategies and operational process improvement in  construction and organizational process management.  Steven worked with the State of Colorado to reduce costs on state sponsored health care programs reducing costs by over $1.5 million dollars annual. He has international experience working on construction projects in Dalian, China and speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


Senior Consultant

Tracy has over 10 years working in the financial sector focusing on operational and personnel management.  She manages financial program analysis and development of organizational processes and standards.  Tracy has international construction and business management experience working in Beijing and Dalian, China and speaks Mandarin and English


What We Do Best


Allow us to collect analyze and present metrics on areas where waste is reducing your profits. Our team can observe and document aspects of your business to identify where opportunities for cost reduction.

Standard Operating Procedure development and implementation

We will write and implement standards and practices for all company protocol and develop coaching materials to fit your needs.  Our staff can design and develop training materials for all your company needs from PowerPoint presentations to more structured SOP development.

ISO Standard preparation and application.

Bring your company into the next level of efficiency with ISO certification.  We will work with you to implement and apply for ISO certifications available to your industry.

Organizational workflow analysis

We can map and develop workflow to analyze where waste is impacting your bottom line and develop strategies to overcome areas of liability. Simple oversights can become costly when unaddressed

Get In Touch

If you are ready to take the first step toward taking your company to the next level give us a call or send us a message.  Free estimates available.